About Fifi lá fí

Where skincare and pampering has just become so easy

Fifi lá fí is a South African based online Luxe Beauty product retailer, founded in 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic by a medical affiliate Sifiso Fifi Mabaso.

A proud fairy that believes in leisure and opulence. Being queer and in the medical field, Fifi believes in sensorial body experience. With all the stress a workplace and the entire world may bring, he decided to share delicate ways to fight off depression and burn out by using his very own tried and tested products that he trusts and uses himself.

These beauty treats embody extravagance so rich, feels like cash. Fifi lá fí offers a wide range of aroma infused, organic, relaxing and pure blissful products you can rely on for daily use. From Essential Oils to Body Butters, Sugar Scrubs to even scented candles; perfect for the ambience and luxe experience.

Including body products that promote a regular and effective approach to hydrate your skin and forestall marks. One of Fifi lá fí’s favourite bestselling product is the Sugar Scrub. The Body Sugar Scrub transforms your bath time into aromatherapy, with brown natural sugar and protea plant as main properties, leaves your skin moisturized and refreshed like the fresh waters of a waterfall.

Fifi lá fí products prioritize in sensorial body insight, relieving and protecting of your mind, body and soul like a comfortable cover we all need in life. Enhance healing and energy with bath crystals brings a spa-like encounter. all our products aim to not leave your skin feeling oily or slick but rich and nurtured to perfection. the sentiment of absolute prosperity.

Unwind in style in our luxury products.

It is time to expand a similar degree of cautious thought to the remainder of your skin, as you would, your psychological wellbeing. A long bath takes away the woos of a bad day or sets the mood for a luxurious moment to remember for a lifetime.

(wine is discretionary yet enthusiastically suggested)

Sifiso Mabaso

Founder and sole Owner of Fifi Lá Fi, Sifiso ‘Fifi’ Cornwell Thokozani Mabaso.

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