Body Treatment Hamper

Body Treatment Hamper



Fifi lá fí’s Body Treatment Hamper contains Bath Crystals, Wild Berry Sugar Scrub, Coconut and Rose Body Butter and Silky Massage Oil.

Fifi lá fí's Body Treatment Hamper includes the following:

Silky Massage Oil 30ml

The Carrier oils are moisturizing, nourishing and high in vitamins & antioxidants necessary for the skin. The essential oils in this blend create a calm and soothing feeling, easing anxiety and an overactive nervous system. Promotes good sleep and relaxation.

Bath Crystals 500g

Enjoy the benefits of the aroma of the Essential Oils. Use as often as desired.

Body Butter 240ml

Our Body Butter has strong moisturising properties, is Enriching, Suitable for the full body and leaves the skin soft & smooth.

Sugar Body Scrub 270ml

The Sugar Body Scrub has a Wild Berry and Poppy Seeds fragrance and promotes blood circulations and is a strong exfoliator.


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